Tuk Bahadur Adhikari

Tuk Bahadur Adhikari
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Geo: 28.170937, 84.633542
Telefon: +0977 9817184394
E-Mail: shop_t.b.adhikari@epelia.com

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Himalayan Highland Arabica – Green Beans

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My farm lies in the center of the village, and the village belongs to the Hansapur VDC. This district is very remote and the connections with Kathmandu are not very good. It takes around 8 to 10 hours to reach it. That is why the farmers here have quite some problems getting our products to the market. I have been farming oranges and cardamom for many years, but I have started farming coffee very recently.


Tuk Bahadur Adhikari

Our farm is family-run, so everyone helps out as best as he/she can. We divide our labor depending upon our abilities. Sometimes we also help our neighbors and they help us in return. We have never used any artificial fertilizers or chemical pesticides, there is just no need for them. If you would ever like to visit us, you are very welcome, we can show you how things are done around the farm.

Gründungsgeschichte von Tuk Bahadur Adhikari

Tuk Bahadur Adhikari

I have only three plants for now and they yield around 10kg of coffee. However, there are many coffee seedlings growing right underneath the older trees. I'm waiting to plant them to a proper location once they become stronger. My plan is to make a big coffee plantation on my land in the future with around 200 to 300 plants. The coffee plants in our village grow in the land that used to yield us maize, rice and millet, and the soil here is very fertile. Our hopes are that coffee will bring us the same or higher revenues as these crops had, otherwise we will have to switch again, which is definitely not good. For that reason I’m trying to invest my time and money to learn more about coffee farming and processing.

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Comment by Fairdirect e.V.: Due to the remoteness of his farm with no proper Internet access, and due to lack of a computer, Tuk Bahadur Adhikari lets his webshop be managed by the Fairdirect e.V. association. We have interviewed Tuk Bahadur Adhikari and translated and edited the shop and product descriptions from that. As always with sales facilitated by Fairdirect e.V., the contract will be between you and the farmer – Fairdirect will not be party to it. You can contact Eva Pivač <eva.pivac@fairdirect.org>, our manager of the Hansapur shipment center, with your questions regarding this webshop. You can also contact Tuk Bahadur Adhikari directly at his mobile phone number. You may need a Nepali translator to communicate with him.


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