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Himalayan Highland Arabica – Green Beans
Himalayan Highland Arabica   roasted & milled 500Gr.

Über uns

My name is Tara Adhikari and I have been a farmer all my life. I live in Hansapur which is a small and remote village in Ghorka region.

Unsere Philosophie

If you are interested in how we do things around the farm, you are most welcome to visit us!


Tara Adhikari

On our farm we produce rice, millet, buckwheat, potato, cardamom, oranges and coffee. Because our farm is small, all the work is done by me and my husband and our children also help. We have never needed to employ workers on our farm. We are also avoiding artificial fertilizers and chemical pesticides. So far we have been very lucky, there have been no pests on out coffee trees yet and the soil seems to be perfect for them. Each year they are bigger and lusher and each year we get a bigger harvest.

Gründungsgeschichte von Tara Adhikari

Tara Adhikari

A few years ago my husband brought home some coffee seedlings from the agricultural union office. We decided to plant them and see if they will bear us cherries. It turned out that they did and our harvest is better with each year. We tend to eight coffee plants, but we will probably plant more soon.

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