Tulashi Prasad and Goma Duwadi

Tulashi Prasad and Goma Duwadi
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Himalayan Highland Arabica – Green Beans

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We stareted growing coffee around ten years ago and we produce around 100kg of coffee beans per year. We also grow cardamom and oranges, which are our main source of income. Due to the inaccessibility of the market (our village is far away from the main markets and collection points) we haven't given coffee farming a lot of attention. We haven't been very lucky with coffee farming; it happened that some years we didn't receive any money for our coffee beans, and last year our whole harvest was damaged in the earthquake. But we keep on trying; perhaps we'll have more luck in the following years. Another problem that we have to face with is that we don't get strong and quality seedlings, we have to grow our own, which sometimes turn out to be weak and fragile and have to be replaced.

Unsere Philosophie

In my opinion the middleman is not necessary, but because there is no market where i could sell my coffee by myself I’m forced to sell it to the buyer who comes to the village for whatever price he sets. Even a small amount of money is better than nothing. For us, farming is the only source of income; we don't get a salary or a pension.


Tulashi Prasad and Goma Duwadi

Once the berries are ripe, we pluck them and de-pulp them. After that we wash them and leave them in the sun to dry properly. It takes around five days for the beans to dry if the sun is strong. By then, another round of berries ripens and we repeat the process.

Gründungsgeschichte von Tulashi Prasad and Goma Duwadi

Tulashi Prasad and Goma Duwadi

When the coffee plants were introduced in our village, we planted them in our land that hadn't yet been cultivated and it turned out to be quite good. This was around 8 or 10 years ago. We didn't have any existing pre-knowledge about coffee farming at that time, we just wanted to try it out; we are now learning from experience. It is a recent venture, and I even started growing new seedlings. I plan to make a bigger coffee plantation on my land in the future.

Zusätzliche Informationen

Comment by Fairdirect e.V.: Due to the remoteness of their farm with no proper Internet access, and due to lack of a computer, Tulashi Prasad and Goma Duwadi let their webshop be managed by the Fairdirect e.V. association. We have interviewed Tulashi Prasad and Goma Duwadi and translated and edited the shop and product descriptions from that. As always with sales facilitated by Fairdirect e.V., the contract will be between you and the farmer – Fairdirect will not be party to it. You can contact Eva Pivač <eva.pivac@fairdirect.org>, our manager of the Hansapur shipment center, with your questions regarding this webshop. You can also contact Tulashi Prasad and Goma Duwadi directly at their mobile phone number. You may need a Nepali translator to communicate with them.


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