Himalayan Highland Arabica – Green Beans

Himalayan Highland Arabica – Green Beans

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Unroasted Arabica coffee beans from the farm of Tulashi Prasad and Goma Duwadi in Hansapur, Gorkha district, Nepal. Harvested in February and March 2017. This is high-altitude Arabica from the Himalayas, grown between 1300 – 1700 m. At this high altitude, coffee beans grow slowly and become dense, with a more aromatic and flavorful taste. Nepali high-altitude coffee is a specialty coffee (as you will also see from comparing prices). You can buy it for much less because it is directly sold by the farmers of the Fairdirect hub in Hansapur, resulting in better prices for both them and you. Accordingly, you get an invoice by Tulashi Prasad and Goma Duwadi with your order. Processing: semi-washed. Coffee cherries are manually de-pulped, the kernels are sun-dried to parchment coffee at the farm, and later shelled in Kathmandu to become green beans. That last step is done shortly before the air cargo shipment. To know more about the way Tulashi Prasad and Goma Duwadi grows this coffee, follow the link "To the shop" above. Delivery time: between mid April and mid May 2017. (Harvest is ongoing until mid March 2017.)


coffee beans (unroasted)


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Bestellgrößen Himalayan Highland Arabica – Green Beans

1 Packung à 500 g nt.wt. 7.99 EUR (15,98 EUR / 1 kg) kaufen

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